Progress report

Performance of our scholars over the years

batch of 2021

Jaymeen Panchal

Our little pizza lover!
This one wants to grow up to be a doctor—a pulm...
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Jinil Panchal

Our outgoing and scrappy little!
His father works a job at a textile mill and hi...
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Nandini Jadhav

Our shy and most studious little!
She tells us she likes to travel and also loves...
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Nisarg Kadiya

Our little engineer in the making!
This one loves to collect discarded gadgets and...
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Urvi Parmar

Our little kabaddi enthusiast!
Her mom proudly calls her an "all-rounder&...
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batch of 2022

Darshil Patel

Our little sports enthusiast!
Currently studying in grade 9, this one loves p...
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Poojan Vadodariya

Our little puzzle-solver!
This one is in grade 9 and loves watching infor...
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Sahil Solanki

Our little maths lover!
Hailing from Ahmedabad and currently studying i...
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Rudra Patel

Our outdoorsy little!
Currently studying in grade 9, this one loves o...
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Jiya Rathore

Our little music lover!
Studying in class 12, this one aspires to becom...
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Jignesh Patansavangikar

Our little Air Force officer in the making!
This one studies in grade 12 science. He loves ...
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Vishesh Patel

Our little badminton enthusiast!
This one is in grade 12 science and loves math ...
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Maulik Patel

Our little budding artist!
This one is currently in grade 12. He dreams of...
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batch of 2023

Datt Ramoliya

Our little chess wizard!
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Neha Gohil

Our little budding artist!
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Rohit Chaudhary

Our energetic outdoorsy little!
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Simran Shah

Our little software engineer in the making!
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Yuvraj Jadav

Our little aspiring EdTech entrepreneur!
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Aayan Mohammad

Our little Karate Kid!
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Harsh Jayswal

Our shy little math lover!
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