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TLI is a scholarship program for high potential children hungry to break out of their cycle of economic deprivation. TLI curates an all-paid, custom designed, 360 degree intervention to offer them the best academic and extra-curricular program that starts in grade 9 and ends with graduation with a pay-it-forward cycle where one seed can flower into a tree that can sow 100 more seeds. We plan to take this idea, and step into a world of hope, willingness and opportunity for our scholars


We choose to be here, everyday, we train our minds to work with us, to take us on the path that our heart has chosen for us. Our scholars are resilient, certain of their capabilities, and eager to learn and do something with their lives!


The key word to what we are set out to do, is ‘hope’, it is to create an environment for these brilliant minds to take centerstage and realise their full potential. To hope, is to live!


The first batch of 2021, selected from amongst the top 5000 children in the state, display a streak of brilliance, rigour and enthusiasm. 

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