Amazon Quest: An Epic Coding Adventure!

They had never set foot outside of Ahmedabad, let alone travel to another state. But 2023 changed it for young Yuvraj and Sahil when they got the privilege of participating in a dynamic 20-hour coding event hosted by Amazon in the city of dreams—Mumbai!

Called STEMVERSE, the event is an annual celebration of innovations organized by The Innovation Story and enabled by the Amazon Future Engineer (AFE) Program. This unique event not only challenges coding skills but also showcases innovative projects crafted by students under the AFE Program.

As a part of a larger set of experiences, the project involved decoding a message performed by the first player. Upon successful decoding, participants entered the realm of Triple Jackpot, where they encountered a dynamic screen displaying a series of images. The objective was to skillfully pause the scrolling images at a designated picture and accomplish the associated task.

The tasks presented during the event were more than mere challenges; they were gateways to unlocking creative thinking and honing problem-solving abilities. Sahil and Yuvraj delved into the coding intricacies, showcasing their technical prowess and determination to excel.

What made this event truly exceptional was the presence of Amazon's Global and India heads. These industry leaders not only motivated our students but also shared invaluable insights, offering a glimpse into the vast opportunities that await them in the ever-evolving field of technology.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Amazon for opening doors to such enriching experiences, and we look forward to many more such ventures that empower our students to dream big, reach high, and embrace the boundless possibilities that education can unfold.