Urvi Parmar

Age 17 | Batch of 21Her mom proudly calls her an "all-rounder". She is the eldest of 5 siblings, 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Her mom is a housewife and runs a small business selling clothes and her father has a job at Arvind Mills, where he is employed in dyeing work. She is in 10th grade and she tells us she likes to dance.Read More

Urvi's Growth


Here is a record of Urvi's academic growth - in school, tuition, and board exams - during the two years she has been a part of the initiative

Gujarat Boards

Here's how Urvi fared in her board exams.

School Tests

Here's how Nisarg fared in her 10th school exams as compared to 9th standard.

Tuition Tests

Here's how Nisarg fared in her tuition classes.