Vishesh Patel

Our little badminton enthusiast!

This one is in grade 11 science and loves math and computer science. After completing school, he wants to pursue IT and become an IT engineer. He loves playing cricket, chess, and badminton. He loves badminton the most and is good at it. Virat Kohli is his favorite sportsperson, he tells us. He secured the 4th rank in his district in the NMMS exam.

Meet The Family

Vishesh lives with his father and mother. He has no siblings.

Jayesh Patel

Jayeshbhai, Vishesh's father, holds a diploma in electrical engineering. He currently earns Rs. 25,000 in a private toll tax job.

Asha Patel

Ashaben, Vishesh's mother, has pursued a B.A. She currently does stitching and repair work, earning a monthly income of Rs. 1,500.


Vishesh Patel's


Take a look at how Vishesh's performance has grown over the years since he became a part of the initiative.

Vishesh's report card