Simran Shah

Our little software engineer in the making!

A student in grade 9, she loves drawing and crafts. Her favorite subjects are science and math, and she wants to become a software engineer when she grows up, she tells us, radiating an enigmatic smile!

Meet The Family

While Simran's own family is of three, comprising her mother, father, and herself, she lives with her extended family, everybody together under one roof!

Hemant Kumar Shah

Hemant bhai is Simran's father. He pursued a B.A. in Yoga and currently earns a monthly income of Rs. 20,000.

Heena Shah

Heenaben, Simran's mother, holds a B.Sc. degree. She is currently a homemaker.


Simran Shah's


Take a look at how Simran's performance has grown over the years since she became a part of the initiative.

Simran's report card