Poojan Vadodariya

Our little puzzle-solver!

This one is in grade 10 and loves watching informative and craft videos on YouTube. Logic and tinkering interest him, and he loves solving puzzles. He wants to pursue computer science because the future belongs to the Internet and technology. He wants to become like Kunal, our founding trustee, when he grows up!

Meet The Family

Poojan has a family of five. He lives with his father, mother, and two elder sisters.

Paresh Vadodariya

Pareshbhai, Poojan's father studied till 12th grade. He works as a carpenter and earns Rs. 30000 monthly.

Harsha Vadodariya

Harshaben, Poojan's mother, studied till 11th grade. She stitches readymade garments and earns a sum of Rs. 2000 monthly.

Riddhi Vadodariya

Riddhi is Poojan's elder sister. She is a B.C.A. graduate.

Hetavi Vadodariya

Hetavi is also Poojan's sister. She is a 12th commerce graduate and is currently pursuing B.C.A.


Poojan Vadodariya's


Take a look at how Poojan's performance has grown over the years since he became a part of the initiative.

Poojan's report card