Nisarg Kadiya

Our little engineer in the making!

This one loves to collect discarded gadgets and rip them apart to understand the machinery and also possibly repurpose what he found. He is an excellent support to his parents and his grandparents. He is in the 9th grade, this jovial and resourceful boy! He's quite popular in his neighborhood because of his nature.

One of our star performers with immense potential, he secured the 10th rank in his district in the NMMS exam. He wants to become a software engineer when he grows up.

Meet The Family

Nisarg's family has seen a lot of hardship, but they've shown an equal amount of courage in the face of adversity. Nisarg's father is unfortunately unable to work anymore due to lung damage and requires daily oxygen supply for ease of breathing. His mother, on the other hand, suffers from TB.

Keval Kadiya

Kevalbhai is Nisarg's father. Having studied till 10th grade, he used to work in a diamond factory earlier. But after developing lung-related issues, he had to reluctantly retire.

Nita Kadiya

Nitaben, Nisarg's mother, had started pursuing PTC but never finished it. Currently, she teaches in a private school and takes tuition. Her monthly income is Rs. 7,000.

Kamakashi Kadiya

Kamakshi is Nisarg's elder sister. She has pursued M.Com and is currently associated with a C.A. firm, a position that she got selected for with support from TLI. Her current monthly income is Rs. 25,000.


Nisarg Kadiya's


Take a look at how Nisarg has grown over the years since he became a part of the initiative.

Nisarg's report card