Nandini Jadhav

Our shy and most studious little!

A quiet little girl with big dreams, Nandini became a part of the program in grade 9. With a sharp eye for mathematics and science, she showed signs of having a bright future since the first moment we met her. She was one of the top scholars, having secured 4th rank in the NMMS exam! She wants to become a software engineer when she grows up.

Apart from studies, she has a keen interest in sports and absolutely loves playing Kho-Kho. She loves to travel as well, and one day, wants to travel the world!

Meet The Family

Nandini's is a nuclear family. She lives with her father, mother, and elder brother.

Dilip Jadav

Dilipbhai, Nandini's father, works as a tempo driver for a living and earns a sum fo Rs. 20,000.

Rekha Jadav

Rekhaben is Nandini's mother. She stitches readymade garments and earns a sum of Rs. 4,000 monthly.

Rahul Jadav

Rahul, Nandini's elder brother, is as sharp and bright as his younger sister. He's an ECE graduate from NIIT Surat and is currently interning with J.P. Morgan.


Nandini Jadhav's


Take a look at how Nandini has grown over the years since she became a part of the initiative.

Nandini's report card