Maulik Patel

Our little budding artist!

This one is currently in grade 12. He dreams of studying in one of the IITs and becoming a mechanical engineer, he tells us. He loves playing kho-kho and football and has a keen interest in art as well. He also likes watching informative videos on YouTube and mostly keeps to himself, this shy one!

Meet The Family

Maulik has a family of three. He lives with his mother. His father moved to Dubai to sustain the family and currently works there as a factory worker.

Raman Patel

Maulik's father, Ramanbhai, has studied ITI and currently works as a machine operator in a factory in Dubai, earning Rs. 30,000 per month.

Daxa Patel

Daxaben is Maulik's mother. She has studied till grade 10 and is a homemaker.


Maulik Patel's


Take a look at how Maulik's performance has grown over the years since he became a part of the initiative.

Maulik's report card