Harsh Jayswal

Our shy little math lover!

Studying in grade 10, this little one is a man of few words but big dreams. Math is his favorite subject, the first one from the Blind People’s Association to pursue it, and he wants to become a software engineer when he grows up. He also loves cricket, he tells us.

He's partially blind and is unable to see after the sky goes dark in the evening. He has skillfully adapted to his situation and is able to ride a bike or a bicycle. He also has great knowledge of computers!

Meet The Family

Harsh has a family of four. He lives with his father, mother, and elder sister.

Darmesh Jayswal

Dharmeshbhai, Harsh's father, studied till grade 10. He works as a seasonal vendor, and rickshaw puller, and also works part-time at a collection center. He earns a monthly income of Rs. 10,000.

Nikita Jayswal

Nikitaben is Harsh's mother. She studied till grade 10 and is currently a housemaker.

Prachi Jayswal

Prachi is Harsh's elder sister. She is pursuing a course in Nursing and is currently in its second year.


Harsh Jayswal's


Take a look at how Harsh's performance has grown over the years since she became a part of the initiative.

Harsh's report card