Darshil Patel

Our little sports enthusiast!

Currently studying in grade 10, this one loves playing games such as cricket and volleyball, but kho-kho is his favorite! He also loves watching informative YouTube videos. He wants to go to IIM when he grows up and become a managing director, this one! A fan of Marvel movies he is, this jovial fellow. Our little enthusiast has ranked fifth in his districts in the national mean merit scholarship examination.

Meet The Family

Darshil's is a nuclear family. He lives with his father, mother, and younger brother.

Asinkumar Patel

Asvinkumar Patel, Darshil's father studied until the 12th grade and now works in the diamond industry for a monthly wage of Rs. 18,000.

Hetal Patel

Hetalben, Darshil's mother, studied until the tenth grade and currently does stitching and repair work with a monthly income of Rs. 2000.

Naman Patel

Naman Patel is Darshil's younger brother and is currently studying in 7th grade.


Darshil Patel's


Take a look at how Darshil's performance has grown over the years since he became a part of the initiative.

Darshil's report card