Jinil Panchal

Our outgoing and scrappy little!

His father works a job at a textile mill and his mom is a tailor, he has an elder sister who has graduated 12th standard. He exhibits leadership qualities, has proven street cred, is very supportive at home, and also helps his parents out with household chores.

A hardworking child with one of the sharpest minds we've come across, he secured an impressive 3rd rank in his district in the NMMS exam! He wants to become a computer science engineer when he grows up.

Meet The Family

Jinil's is a nuclear family. She lives with her father, mother, and younger sister.

Mukesh Panchal

Having completed his education till grade 10, Mukeshbhai currently works as a lathe machine operator at a factory, for which he earns Rs. 20,000 monthly.

Rekha Panchal

A grade 7 graduate, Rekhaben currently stitches readymade garments and is a part of the team managing the MDM scheme at a government school. Her monthly income is Rs. 4,000.

Swati Panchal

Swati is Jinil's elder sister. She is a 12th-grade graduate in the arts stream.


Jinil Panchal's


Take a look at how Jinil has grown over the years since he became a part of the initiative.

Jinil's report card