Meet the third batch
Our 7 TLI Scholars, the batch of 2023

As we enter the third year of the initiative, we're glad to welcome these bright young minds into the program!

Rohit Chaudhary

Our energetic outdoorsy little!

Currently studying in grade 9, this one is an outdoor sports enthusiast. He loves playing football, volleyball, kabaddi, and kho-kho, but cricket is his favorite! Apart from sports, he loves spending his time tinkering with computers. He wants to study computer science and become a Software Engineer, this jovial fellow.

Datt Ramoliya

Our little chess wizard!

A student in grade 9, this one loves sports—indoors more than outdoors. Chess is one of his favorite hobbies, he tells us. With a keen interest in math and science, he wants to study information technology when he grows up and become an IT engineer.

Yuvraj Jadav

Our little aspiring EdTech entrepreneur!

A science and computer science enthusiast, this one wants to pursue computer science at IIT and open an EdTech business when he grows up. He also loves sports, with chess, volleyball, and racing as his favorites.

Neha Gohil

Our little budding artist!

Currently studying in grade 9, this shy little one has an interesting mix of hobbies—she loves to draw and study science! When she grows up, she wants to pursue a career in software engineering, she tells us.

Simran Shah

Our little software engineer in the making!

A student in grade 9, she loves drawing and crafts. Her favorite subjects are science and math, and she wants to become a software engineer when she grows up, she tells us, radiating an enigmatic smile!

Harsh Jaiswal

Our shy little math lover!

Studying in grade 10, this little one is a man of few words but big dreams. Math is his favorite subject, the first one from the Blind People’s Association to pursue it, and he wants to become a software engineer when he grows up. He also loves cricket, he tells us.

Aayan Mohammad

Our little Karate Kid!

Nothing can stop this young fellow from doing what he loves. A sports enthusiast, he loves to play cricket, running, long jump, and karate! A student of class 10, he loves math and science and wants to pursue a career in BCA, he tells us.