Meet the first batch
Our 5 TLI Scholars, the batch of 2021

Jaymeen Panchal

Our little pizza lover!

This one wants to grow up to be a doctor—a pulmonologist to be very specific! His father works as a dyeing expert at a mill and his mother is a tailor. He consults with his friends who go for tuitions and plans his own study material. His mother was in a coma for 2 years. They spent a lot on getting her better. 

Jinil Panchal

Our outgoing and scrappy little!

His father works a job at a textile mill and his mom is a tailor, he has an elder sister who has graduated 12th standard. He exhibits leadership qualities, has proven street cred, is very supportive at home, and helps his parents out with household chores.

Nandini Jadhav

Our shy and most studious little!

She tells us she likes to travel and also loves Kho-Kho. Her father is an auto-rickshaw driver and her mother is a tailor. She has an elder brother who is currently pursuing an engineering degree at NIT Surat.

Nisarg Kadiya

Our little engineer in the making!

This one loves to collect discarded gadgets and rip them apart to understand the machinery and also possibly repurpose what he found. He is an excellent support to his parents and his grandparents. He is in the 9th grade, this jovial and resourceful boy! He's quite popular in his neighborhood because of his nature.

Urvi Parmar

Our little kabaddi enthusiast!

Her mom proudly calls her an "all-rounder". She is the eldest of 5 siblings, 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Her mom is a housewife and runs a small business selling clothes and her father has a job at Arvind Mills, where he is employed in dyeing work. She is in 10th grade and she tells us she likes to dance.